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E-Learning India

by: Nadir Karanjia, Divya Susan Varkey

In the following e-learning, we will discuss the various aspects of India, and share with you the best practices to start your Indian venture on solid grounds. 


About the speakers 


Part 2 

How to win a Business assignment

Part 3 

Understanding the Indians



Part 4 

Consumer behaviour and marketing trends in India

Part 5 



Case Study 

A Dutch boss casually mentioned to an Indian staff member at the branch office in Gurgaon; that she should take more of a lead role in the existing project. The staff member smiled and nodded. 
However, the next time they met, there had been no visible change in modus operandi.

What is the explanation? Which Dimensions play a role here? 

Last updated: 05.07.2018 - 09:44
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