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Negotiating Across Cultures

Tuesday August 28, 2018 - 15:00 CEST

Adapting to local styles of doing business is often the difference between success and failure. 

In this webinar will Jean-Pierre Coene and Marc Jacobs, authors of the book Negotiate like a local, give you the keys to adapting your style and to understanding the underlying reasons for "why" we act the way we do.



JEAN-PIERRE COENE: Jear-Pierre offers his clients pragmatic and workable tools to solve cultural problems in real business life.

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MARC JACOBS: Marc is passionate about using intercultural management and organisational culture as management tools to help you optimise the performance of your organisation.

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Negotiation in Southeast Asia

by: Erika Visser, Associate partner of Hofstede Insights
Negotiation is an important part of doing business, and understanding how each culture negotiates can help companies to be successful in their business dealings. The most important point to understand is that communication in Southeast Asia is implicit and thus nonverbal. This can be a challenge for explicit cultures where decision-making is more direct, and understanding subtle indirect messages might be difficult, affecting business relationships and outcomes of negotiations.

Negotiation in Russia

by: Pia Kähärä, Associate partner of Hofstede Insights
The goal of this document is to give some specific details on how negotiations are conducted in Russia and give a few pointers on how to do and win at it. What should be highlighted and some aspects of Russian culture that might help you win.