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Doing Business in Iran

by: Amer Bitar, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

This document will provide you with historical and cultural insights of Iran as a country and how it has shaped some of the aspects of doing business in Iran. The goal is to aid the reader in understanding how to effectively interact with Iranians in both business and leisure context.

About Tanzania

by: Susan Wachira-Nyika, Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights

In this profile, our experts have compiled the most important information for you to start doing business in Tanzania. The country profiles are meant as general introduction and are linked to other documents from the platform that go much more into the details of each culture.


Expanding to South Korea: Explore the Dynamic and Innovative Culture

In this webinar about South Korea, organised in collaboration with the Global Cosmetics Cluster-Europe, we focus on understanding the Korean market and the importance of adapting the business models to it.

E-Learning India

by: Nadir Karanjia, Divya Susan Varkey

In this e-learning, you will learn from your hosts Divya and Nadir will teach you the "why" behind some of the most frequently encountered issues and give you tips and tricks for a successful venture in India.

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