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Sub-Saharan Africa Quiz

The questions below do NOT ask for your opinion, they are about facts which are known from cross-cultural research. The correct answers will be revealed after you submitted your answers. Keep in mind that culture is all about comparison - e.g. if the statement is "People are religious", it's not about whether the majority of people in the region are religious or not but if they are MORE religious compared to people in a West European country.

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Compared to a West European country, this cultural region is more likely to exhibit the following traits:

1. Compared to Europe, people are religious.

2. Compared to Europe, management is mostly participative, involving employees in the decision-making process.

3. Compared to Europe, driving is chaotic and quite dangerous.

4. Compared to Europe, students make strong efforts and have excellent results in mathematics and science.

5. Compared to Europe, violent crime is widespread.

6. Compared to Europe, people are likely to be in a good mood.

7. Compared to Europe, helping people is very important.

8. Compared to Europe, promises are kept very strictly.

9. Compared to Europe, people get upset when they have failed at some task.

10. Compared to Europe, people try to avoid arguments and conflicts.

11. Compared to Europe, generosity is highly valued.

12. Compared to Europe, managers often consult their subordinates before important decisions.

13. Compared to Europe, punctuality is important.

14. Compared to Europe, women are supposed to stay at home rather than get jobs.

15. Compared to Europe, corruption is rampant and many people accept it as a necessary evil.

Last updated: 21.05.2021 - 08:32
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