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"Radars and Flowers" - Cultural artefacts and influences in aerospace defence engineering

Wednesday June 1, 2022 - 14:00 CEST

How is national culture embedded in cutting-edge aerospace technology? 'Radars and Flowers' provides an introduction to examples of international aerospace technology and engineering with national culture influences at its core and how this has influenced design, production and operation. In our webinar, we will mainly focus on the MENA region.




With his professional experience rooted in fighter aircraft operations, Stuart’s passion is the pursuit of exacting performance. His leadership, instruction and coaching is dedicated to providing the most effective learning environments and techniques for those around him, whether that occurs in cross-cockpit fighter operations, ground-based teamwork or a multi-national operational context.

From the first moment of joining the Royal Air Force of the UK, intercultural performance has been a key element to effective output. Stuart has been instrumental in leading and participating in exercises and operational deployments across regions such as North and South America, East Asia, Europe and Scandanavia.

Upon leaving active service in 2015, Stuart moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and embedded within the Royal Saudi Air Force on behalf of a major aerospace engineering organisation. His position as the Head of Flying for the Eurofighter Typhoon Flying Services project formed the critical industry-military link, managing a globally-sourced workforce and overseeing multiple capability insertion projects whilst staying true to his core desire to facilitate the growth and training of those around him in a truly multi-cultural environment.

Having joined Hofstede Insights in 2020, Stuart has now combined and focussed his vast experience through the lens of world-leading methodologies such as the 6-D and Multi-Focus Model and delivers this through his array of proven leading, instructional and coaching approaches.

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