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Learning Circles for European SMEs - China

Within the overall project “Capturing innovation impulses from emerging economies”, the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) learning circles for European SMEs in emerging markets were conceptualised and conducted for specific sectors. 

There were three main goals for these learning circles:

1. Facilitating the market entry for participating SMEs by training them on cultural differences,

2. Learning about innovation in the emerging economy in question and trying to implement those innovative ideas in Europe,

3. Establishing new contacts in the sector within European participants and also in the emerging market.


Below you will find the link to the Organiser manual: 

Organiser manual for Innovation and Trade Promotion Agencies


Decision-maker toolkits

China - Innovation in Robotics and Automation (March 3-9 2019)

China - Navigating Tradition and Innovation (March 18-23 2018)


Read the reports generated by the learning circle and link to some of their discoveries on the next page

Learning Circle: China

– Innovation in Robotics and Automation (Keep pace with Robotics and China)

The learning circle “Keep pace with Robotics and China” was the fifth and final learning circle. European SMEs active in the sector of robotics and automation were targeted. The group of nine participants travelled to China from March 03rd to 09th, 2019 and visited Chinese companies, SinoGerman companies, attended the 15th International Equipment and Manufacturing Industry Expo (CIEX) and profited from training about Chinese business culture. we would like to point out the collaboration with the EU SME Centre, that was a co-organiser of this event and held an informative session about market entry requirements to the Chinese market being a European SME. The delegation also had a meeting with Invest Shanghai, another Enterprise Europe Network partner.

Read the full report


– Navigating Tradition and Innovation

The learning circle “Navigating Innovation and Tradition” was the second learning circle in a series of five. European SMEs active in the furniture and design sector were targeted. The group of seven participants travelled to China from March 18th to 23rd, 2018 and visited Chinese companies in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Intercultural training sessions about Chinese culture completed the programme.

Read the full report


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