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Cultural Knowledge quiz

The questions below do NOT ask for your opinion, they are about facts which are known from cross-cultural research. The correct answers will be revealed after you submitted your answers.
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1. Cultural values and beliefs are something fairly stable that does not change fast.

2. Globalization is making most cultures very similar.

3. Societal culture affects the way that people think and act in organizations.

4. A lot of cultural differences in values come from religious differences, such as Christian versus Muslim.

5. A society's values come mostly from what people have been taught at school.

6. Racism is a feature of rich societies. There is far less racism in poor societies.

7. People in economically poor countries tend to drive far more aggressively and inconsiderately than people in rich countries.

8. Richer countries have higher tolerance of homosexuality than poor countries.

9. Some countries have higher corruption mostly because they have bad governments.

10. On average, religious nations have less crime than unreligious nations.

11. Most Arab women hate the fact that they have to cover their heads and wear long dress.

12. There are many poor countries where people are generally happier than those in rich countries.

13. People in rich countries work longer hours than people in poor countries.

14. Most people in rich nations value competition between individuals more than people in poor nations.

15. People from nations with a low educational level tend to adapt less easily in Europe than people from nations with a high educational level.

16. People in wealthy nations tend to be more satisfied with their lives than people in developing nations.

17. Most people in economically poor societies value jobs that require initiative and responsibility as much as people in rich societies do.

18. Men and women are considered equally good as business managers in all societies.

19. Multicultural teams tend to produce more creative ideas than one-culture teams.

20. Safety regulations in poor countries are enforced less strictly than in rich countries.

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